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"30 years old - Female - Charlotte, NC USA - First Dose of Pfizer 3/18/2021 - @queencitydom

I was just beginning to start a new chapter of my life, moving with my then fiancé and my mother back to my home state of North Carolina from Las Vegas, NV. I was eager to restart my real estate career in NC, excited to get married to the love of my life and thrilled to be closer to my family.

A couple of days before I left Las Vegas, I made a swift decision that has quickly turned my life upside down. March 18th, 2021 I made the decision to get my first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in hopes that I wouldn’t catch or spread the virus to my only living parent or any of my other loved ones. Little did I know this day would completely change my life.

Directly after receiving my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, I had felt the typical fatigue that I was warned about before receiving the vaccine. Three days following my first dose, I noticed during brunch with the fam that I felt very off but luckily it resolved and I squashed it up to being jet lag from our move. About 2 weeks following that day, I noticed that I was having killer pains in my legs that were similar to growing pains but again they resolved the following day. Unfortunately, a few days passed and the leg pain came back with a vengeance alongside weakness within my legs to the point where I was having serious issues walking, almost like my brain couldn’t figure out how to use my legs. My husband decided that enough time had passed and rushed me to the hospital after 7 days of suffering severe cramping in the legs, trouble walking, numbness/coldness and lightning like sensation in the legs.

While at the ER, 5 separate doctors came in to examine me and find the cause of these abnormal symptoms. It was decided that I would be admitted to the hospital for further testing. After running a full brain and spine MRI along with countless blood tests, the neurologist on duty was unable to find the reasoning behind the issues I was having. Several other possibilities were ruled out during this visit, however my symptoms were not treated or resolved, and I was told to follow up with a neurologist to further investigate.

Since then, a slew of other neurological issues have become present ranging from visual issues to trouble forming sentences to short term memory loss to abnormal movements. As alarming as all this has been, I have been in and out of doctors offices, had multiple tests run and have even taken another trip to the ER only to hit another dead end. As I am still searching for a proper diagnosis to get the correct treatment I need, I have found so much comfort in the support groups I am in as well as having others to relate to. While this is something I would never want anyone to go through, when my symptoms began to emerge, I felt very alone even though my husband and family have been extremely supportive. I was also lucky enough to find the sweetest soul throughout this journey who encouraged me to tell my story with no fear or shame – and I’m so grateful I’m able to share my story on her blog. "

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  • Madeline Johnson

"I'm in England and had one dose of Pfizer, now I've had these symptoms for over 2 and a half months when I hadn't had anything like this before

Some such as colour blindness will be seeing in black and white for 10mins but some like speech/confusion can last hours - days. Psychomotor retardation is more rare almost paralysed, I got in a car fine then I couldn't move or speak and was driven along before realised I didn't have my seatbelt on or the door closed and I couldn't speak to say anything so it's scary. Lost motor control while eating and stabbed my face with a fork now I have a scar. Speech loss Slow speech Speech slurred Slow movement Thinking slow Confused Confused memory and fantasy Hallucinating Stuttering Breathing slowed Panic attacks Mental confusion Skin weeping Shaking of hands Blackout Memory loss Repetitive speech Palinopsia Colour vision change Vision abnormal Time perception altered Weight gain Irregular breathing Eye/vision twitch Colour blindness Visual snow syndrome Psychomotor retardation Wounds not healing Pain threshold lowered Visual migraines Eye flickering Seizures Jelly legs AIWS-M Loss of motor control Lip/tongue tingle Limbs don't feel real/feel detached from body Pins and needles in leg One finger difficult/painful to bend the others hyper flexible"

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  • Madeline Johnson

Anonymous- "I received my 2nd Pfizer vaccine is April. Since then I have had horrible leg pain. I wrote it off until my hands started going numb and pruning up. I also have horrible joint pain in my feet and hands. My legs are constantly “falling asleep” no matter the position I’m in. I’ve lost sensation in the bottom of one of my feet. I finally went to see my general doctor and she told me she thought I may have MS or RA. I went into complete panic mode. I’ve seen 4 doctors not including a trip to the ER. All of my results are returning back normal. MRIs, bloodwork, xrays, physicals… Not only do I suffer physically from this but I now for the first time in my life suffer from panic attacks and depression. I want answers and I want my old life back. People deserve to know that there are risks with this shot. "

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