Anonymous: "Hi, I am a 22 year old Female from Minnesota, although I received the vaccine when I was 21.

I received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine on Friday March 5th and felt okay for the majority of that weekend just a little tired and achey. On Sunday the 7th I started feeling really dizzy/unsteady like I was bobbing up and down on a boat, I tried to ignore it until later that night I got out of the shower and had to hold on to the counter because I felt like the floor was going up and down. I was able to make it into bed thinking it would be gone in the morning, but when I woke up the next morning it was still there and it never went away. Still today on July 21st I have it along with a variety of different new symptoms.

Since getting the vaccine I have developed POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). I have had an insane increase in migraines and general headaches, and have been diagnosed with something called Mal de debarquement syndrome which is basically a syndrome in which the brain never fully readapts to being still after movement has stopped and presents as a persistent phantom sensation of bobbing, swaying, rolling, etc.. Mdds is fairly uncommon but since one of the best theories as to the cause of this syndrome is that it is a form of migraine I have seen a couple doctors that believe it was caused by the vaccine and have been put on a migraine medication.

Feeling movement 24/7 and thinking it will never go away has increased my anxiety level substantially and that combined with the rest of my symptoms has made everything much more challenging. However, thankfully I have very supportive parents who have gone out of their way to make sure I’m getting the best care possible. Advocating for myself that something was wrong to the many doctors I saw enabled me to get a quicker diagnosis so my piece of advice to anyone going through any post vaccine symptoms/illnesses is to make sure to do your research and advocate for yourself!!!!

I have also finally found a doctor/clinic that specializes in treating my condition. The Functional Neurology Center in Minnetonka, MN is amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone suffering from MDDS, PPPD, POTS, migraines, dizziness, vertigo, general headaches, vision issues, etc.."

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"Lets clear it out from the start and confirm this is not an anti-vax post.

If you are hesitant about whether you should be taking the jab or not, i was once in your place. However i did not see anyone raise awareness about the possible side effects that can be life-damaging. This is why i am using my story to share this and spread awareness because this is my reality and my life has flipped entirely ever since i got my first jab.

I turned 26 the day i got my first shot and i was so excited to celebrate and see what’s waiting for me this year. Despite covid, i was having a peaceful year, i exercised 2x per day, i am a masters student and an online dietitian, i work hard from 9am till 9pm on the daily, and i need all the energy i can get.

June 22, 2021, despite all my hesitations, social media convinced me that this is such a safe product and the chances of side effects are so little. I took my first jab to be socially responsible.

5 hours post my shot, my legs started to feel tingly, i chose to avoid exercise and rest my body thinking this is all temporary. Second day, my legs started to feel heavier. I thought maybe thats just your body requiring rest. On my third day, i was holding my phone and texting when suddenly i felt an extreme shock of pain take all over my muscles, joints and wrists. I remembering my phone falling from my hands, and i had to crawl to my moms room to ask for help.

People assured me “this is just a side-effect”. Your body is developing immunity.

Day 5 muscle pain increased so much i felt like i was paralyzed, i could not move my hands or legs. I remember my hands would shake just carrying my phone.

Day 6 i developed piercing needle sensations in the right side of my face, body, arms and legs.

The pain was so bad i had to go to the ER. Ofcourse, insurance doesn’t cover post vaccine complications and my country is in the middle of an economic crisis and financially we are currently not well.

The doctors from the ER assured me that in 2 weeks all will go.

Of course the pain increased so much i had to be admitted to the hospital. They gave me shots of steroids, electrolytes and ran all tests. Brain MRI (yes i got golidinium), an EMG, blood tests....

nothing showed in the tests, but my pain did not get better.

I have seen multiple doctors, almost all of them confirm this is a vaccine reaction, but they dont know what it is.

Today i am 5 weeks post my first jab, i still cant brush my teeth without my hands feeling like they need to fall, i dont sleep from the pain. I havent slept in a month. The pain before you sleep is 10x worse. My hands are always shaking. I can barely shower without feeling like i need to collapse. My brain is so foggy. The tingliness is with me 24/7. If i walk more than 10 minutes, my legs go numb and start to to tingle and shake. My muscles twitch every now and then. I cant sleep on the left side of my face because the tingliness from the right side of my face keeps me up all night.

All doctors assured me this should not last, but how do i trust this? How do i trust them when they told me theres nothing to worry about when i first took the jab.

I was supposed to graduate this summer, its all on pause. My work has declined, and i am in bed all day.

Do i regret it ? Absolutely, worse decision of my life. The guilt is eating me up alive everyday.

I am not ashamed to say i have developed depression, i cry everyday, i feel numb, because i feel so betrayed by the health care system. Who do i hold accountable for this mess? Will i get my life back? Or is this my forever situation?

The support i received from people is beyond what i expected. I had people i dont know call me and stay with me on the phone while crying, people sent me treats to my hospital. People supported me like no other and i am forever thankful for this.

A special shoutout to maddy, someone sent me her video telling me someone else is having similar symptoms like you are. Maddy’s video broke my heart, she reminded me of the trauma my mom and i are experiencing.

I reached out to her for support, and she was there 100 percent even when she was struggling. I truly believe she is one of those angels that god sends you when you need them. Maddy, thank you for inspiring me to speak. Thank you for making us feel like we are not alone. Thank you for creating a platform for us where we can be heard and speak our truth. To everyone struggling and injured the way we are, i love you all and we will get through this."

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"I remember the first moment I found out i was eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. I felt excited. Excited for all the new opportunities that it would bring me. Excited to feel safe working as a front line worker, and excited to spend more time with my loved ones in the safest way possible. To me, it symbolized safety. It was almost like a get back to normal free card - much too tempting to pass up. It was marketed with such high regard in my small town; it seemed like such a no brainer, but little did I know, my life was about to DRASTICALLY take a turn. I went from being a very healthy 23 year old female, to barely being able to leave my house. I received my first pfizer vaccine on April 18th. As I was waiting 15 minutes afterwards, I noticed immediate changes in my body. I got super warm, very light headed, and it even felt hard to swallow, but thought these symptoms were all in my head. The next few days I felt normal. I continued my work and athletic routine as normal. The following weekend (April 23rd) was when I realized something was really wrong. I remember being out with my boyfriend and being HIT with this wave of nausea and dizziness, almost like everything was living upside down. I bought some gravol ginger, and thought that would be the solution to my problems. From there, i had a week long headache. There was so much pressure in my head, it genuinely felt like it was going to explode. I went to my doctor. She sent me for a head CT, which came back clean. She told me my symptoms were in NO way related to the vaccine. On May 7th, I noticed my symptoms were worsening. I was unable to see correctly, almost like tunnel vision, and it my heart was jumping consistently from 60 to over 200. I went to emergency, where they stuck me with multiple needles and got another CT. They found nothing - all my tests came back clear and they diagnosed me with “panic attacks.” Never in my life have i ever had anxiety, but i decided to give their diagnosis a change. They have me prescription after prescription of anti depressants and anti anxiety medications but nothing worked. On May 17th, i developed a tremor. I was unable to hold things in my hands without completely dropping them. My doctor then sent me for more blood work, urine samples, and an MRI, all of which came back completely normal. My tremor worsened. I would have these episodes of not being able to control my body. The shaking was intense and painful. My doctor told me once again that it was panic attacks and prescribed different medications. It was over a month of these episodes. Sometimes they were painful; and sometimes they were tolerable. I realized my social life was declining drastically. I was so fatigued. My muscles hurt all the time. I feared that my legs wouldn’t be able to hold me up. I went through multiple hospital visits, and they found NOTHING. my doctor, still believing it was “severe” anxiety, has referred me to a psychiatrist, unwilling to even consider other options. After watching a new friends journey, I reached out to a naturopath. Two sessions in, and I already feel so so much better. It blows my mind how much i’ve had to advocate throughout this whole journey. Please remember that you know your body best, and it’s OKAY to push back against the medical system."

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