• Madeline Johnson

"Hi, My names Haley.

I’m 15 years old, and i received my Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccine May 18th of 2021. I waited the 15 minutes as recommended and felt fine, slight discomfort but nothing alarming. I came home and within 20ish minutes i instantly felt nauseous, lightheaded and so weak i couldn’t walk nor feel my right side, my mom said i turned so pale she could see almost all my veins. As my dad carried me to the car i passed out, everything just went black and that’s where i don’t remember anything. In fact i’m having my mom tell me what happened. Anyways, after my dad gets me in the car my mom rushes to Urgent care, and at one point she looks back to make sure i’m okay, and explains that my eyes and legs were twitching almost like a seizure. So we arrive at urgent care and my moms telling them everything and they begin to think i might’ve really had a seizure, my feet were freezing and numb, i had no feeling on my right side and my speech became very slow and slurred i could barely get my words out, so they call the Ambulance to the children’s Hospital. Mind you my BP, glucose levels and pulse was all normal, they start to do blood tests, MRI’s etc. and there’s nothing. I spent 4 days in the Hospital ( May 18th- May 22nd ). I had to have physical therapy & speech therapy to gain back my strength and muscle memory. And get this, they didn’t think it had anything to do with the vaccine, they think it was caused by stress because my dog recently passed. They also recommended I get therapy to deal with my loss and mental health. It just feels shitty and invalidating when you don’t feel normal but your being told you’re fine. Now that all these stories about alarming symptoms are coming to light it’s so scary. I have nothing against the vaccine even after what happened but i feel like it’s so important the public be informed on stuff like this. Thank you. And for everyone who experienced similar symptoms know your not alone !"

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  • Madeline Johnson

I will be waiting for the submission of stories to roll in and will post them here for all to read. These submissions come from people all around the world of all ages. It could have happened to anyone, but it happened to us.

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